Imaginary Beeps

While busy at work one afternoon, I was listening to a Spotify playlist (as I often do), when I could’ve sworn I heard my Omnipod beeping to alert me to a failure.

Oh noooo…I thought. I remember sitting in my chair, with my head cocked and music blaring, as I tried to confirm that the beep was indeed emitting from my pod.

I was so certain that my pod was failing that it didn’t even cross my mind (at least initially) that it could’ve been my music playing a little too loudly.

And then I realized…it wasn’t my pod after all. It was the song that I’d been listening to. Roughly 2:45 into the song “Honestly” by Cartel, the music rose to such a crescendo that I could’ve sworn that it was my pod failing, but nope, it was just the pitch of the sound emitting from my speakers.

What a relief! But also a stark reminder that this phenomenon occurs on the regular. I mistake beeps from standard household appliances, alarm clocks, television commercials, and the outside world in general for Omnipod beeps. And I’m struck by it every single time.

The sounds of diabetes, just like diabetes itself, are just something I’ve come to accept – in the many unique forms they appear in.


One thought on “Imaginary Beeps

  1. I heard it in the shopping mall the other day. The chirp chip of something familiar and electric, It did not bring the crossed eyes of Sheryl so was it my pump? Did she not hear it? Was it only me? Was it even me? Doubtful. Yet there it was. Chirp chirp.

    Pump check, no not that. Was it muzac? It was not pleasing. What was it? Oh now i see it. A baby’s toy. The chirp corresponded to a blue light. The child was transfixed staring at the light. Yes I was like the 6 month old. Expecting the next beep.

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