Hi, I’m Molly Johannes. I’ve had type one diabetes for 23 years.

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My diabetes journey began on Christmas Eve in 1997. That day, I became the third person diagnosed with type one diabetes in my family. I was four years old at the time, so I’ve lived most of my life with diabetes. While some people may view this as sad, I’ve learned to embrace my chronic condition and live my life without limitations. You might say that I’ve taught myself to hug the cactus, so to speak.

My enthusiasm for my blog (and my little cactus friend) can’t be contained!

When I’m not blogging, you can find me enjoying any or all of the following: time with family and friends, a quality cocktail, Harry Potter, a good book, General Hospital, pop culture from the last three decades, and tasty foods.

I love connecting with other members of the DOC (diabetes online community) – so please don’t be shy, find me on Twitter @mollyjoh_t1d or Instagram @huggingthecactus!

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