Yes, I Can Eat That

This blog post was originally published on Hugging the Cactus on March 7, 2022. I’m sharing it again today because I (and other people with diabetes) constantly battle the misconception that I can’t eat foods that contain sugar/carbohydrates. Why, just the other day, someone who has known me since I was 12 years old made a comment about how I couldn’t eat cookies! In that situation, I smiled politely and gently corrected the individual, but the bottom line remains: This is some diabetes stigma that I’d like to defeat. Read on for more…

Yes, I have diabetes.

Yes, I can eat cheesecake and pizza.

Yes, I can actually eat whatever I want – I just have to know the carbohydrate content of whatever I’m consuming (and being mindful of portion size doesn’t hurt either).

Yes, I’m telling you this because at the time of this writing, that’s actually what I had for lunch this afternoon: homemade pizza and cheesecake. The pizza crust was store-bought, but everything else – from the sauce to the cheesecake crust to the strawberry topping – was made by me and it was damn good.

I guess I’m just taking a moment to 1) congratulate myself on semi-mastering the home-cooked versions of these two foods, but also to 2) reflect on how there’s so much stigma, STILL, on what people with diabetes can/can’t or should/shouldn’t eat. It’s wild to me that there are countless people in our world who misunderstand that a diabetes diagnosis automatically eliminates certain food groups from an individual’s diet.

Let me say it louder for those in the back who can’t hear: People with diabetes can eat whatever they want. Diabetes varies from person to person, and so do dietary preferences – so just because one person with diabetes might follow a strict keto diet, it doesn’t mean that ALL people with diabetes do. It doesn’t make it right or wrong for a person with diabetes to choose or not choose to eat certain things – period, bottom line, end of the story.

And by the way – I took a big old bolus of insulin for aforementioned pizza and insulin and my blood sugar didn’t spike past 188 mg/dL several hours later – score! So I’m also using this blog post to remind myself that it’s okay to eat “treat” foods like this from time to time, and that does not make me a bad diabetic.


3 thoughts on “Yes, I Can Eat That

  1. Hey Molly! I am a type one diabetic too and I love you blog!
    However, one thing I noticed is you mentioned the keto diet and I was concerned. A straight keto diet is very bad for diabetics – my endocrinologist warned me since I was a teen to not follow this type of diet because of the effects on your blood sugar and kidneys.
    Is there perhaps a diabetic friendly-keto diet that I am not aware of? Thanks!

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    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment! I know that there are many people with T1D who have success on the keto diet, though I can’t necessarily speak to that personally because I’ve only ever lightly experimented with it. I like my carbs 🙂


  2. I always say nope, and if I do I will likely die. Then stuff a bite in my mouth without comment. Talk about a hoot I love it when they start getting the Automatic Defibrillator Machine.


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