Favorite Things Friday: Adhesive Remover Wipes

One Friday per month, I’ll write about my favorite diabetes products. These items make the cut because they’re functional, fashionable, or fun – but usually, all three at once!

“Adhesive remover wipes” sounds about as exciting as dryer lint. But these really are a nifty invention, especially for someone like me who wears multiple T1D medical devices.

My pods stay on my body for three days at a time, and my CGM sensors can last as long as two weeks. So needless to say that they need to be equipped with super strong adhesive to ensure they stick for the necessary length of time.

These adhesive remover wipes look lame, but trust me, they’re pretty impressive.

I’m grateful for the high-quality adhesive, but man, it can be difficult to completely remove from my body. Before I discovered these magical wipes, I’d rub my skin raw in an attempt to get rid of all traces of leftover adhesive. As a result, I’d either walk around with gray circles of adhesive on my abdomen and arms, or with irritated, pink skin that I needed to let heal before reusing as a site. A surefire lose-lose scenario either way, right?

A quick search online caused me to discover these adhesive remover wipes. I purchased them immediately and I can say it was a brilliant buy. I no longer scratch at my skin until the adhesive disappears; rather, I merely wipe the area with one of these towelettes and within seconds, all adhesive is painlessly removed.

If you’ve struggled in a similar manner with removing your medical adhesive, definitely look into these wipes and save your skin from stress.


One thought on “Favorite Things Friday: Adhesive Remover Wipes

  1. I’ve had 2 go’rounds with pumps and the sticky adhesives to keep the infusion sets on. The first time I have to say wa not good from that perspective. I sweated off about 4 sets during the summer months and plain ripped 2 off just by catching tubing or set on something that was a little more solid than the bond to my skin. It was a passing faze though. It took a whole year to decide the pump was just not for me. I had the liquid skin, skin tack idea thrown at me during that time but never took them up on it. The 2nd time at playing pump Guinea pig was a better one than the first. They gave me Mastic to glue them down but I later realized they had improved the adhesive sot eh glue was not needed. I used it once, only once. lol The set lasted for an entire week as I was waiting to see just how good it was. It was very good. Now I use only Dexcom but I still have the wipes which come in handy with them as well. Like you I walk around with either a grey/black band of adhesive gathering all the available dust and dirt in the area or a red patch of skin that is not only free of adhesive but any loose skin, and some that was not so loose. The adhesive removers make cleaning the spot soooooooooooooo much easier. Great benefit to have on hand.


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