Sometimes, You Just Need to Enjoy the Sushi.

Or the pizza. Or the burrito. Or the decadent three-layer chocolate cake. Whatever the high-carb indulgence is, I’d rather just relish in it rather than focus on my diabetes.

Does that make me a “bad” diabetic? No. It’s not like I’m skipping an insulin dose or binge-eating food. I’m merely trying to enjoy a rare treat as well as the social experience that comes with it – like having sushi with coworkers.

A recent sushi dinner reminded me that it’s okay to stop thinking about my diabetes for a little while.

So instead of staring at my double-up arrows on my Dexcom, I’m staring at the artfully arranged sushi platter in front of me.

Instead of ordering the lowest-carb item on the menu, I order what I actually want to eat.

Instead of fretting over how quickly my insulin will kick in, I fret over which sushi roll I should try first.

Instead of letting my diabetes take over my dinner, I’m letting it go and living.

Sometimes, I need to remind myself that it’s okay to stop obsessing over my blood sugar in order to just live and enjoy my life.


One thought on “Sometimes, You Just Need to Enjoy the Sushi.

  1. Amen sister. lol Years ago I read that the secret to making a diet work was to choose one day a week and just let it go. Trying to maintain a super strict diet can be a very daunting task. Once you get screwing up out of your system you can get back to perfection. I eat what tastes good to me, not what is best for my diabetes. I learn how to make it fit my diabetes. lol Like some life coach or yoga instructor would say “You must become a force of nature and bend life to YOUR will instead of letting it mold you to it’s will”.


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