Disclosing Diabetes in the Workplace

Almost two years ago, my friends from the College Diabetes Network asked me to discuss diabetes in the workplace at their annual student retreat. The prospect of bringing diabetes into a new career and encountering new sets of challenges can seem daunting, so I was happy to talk about my positive experiences thus far as a young adult who has already made the transition from college to “the real world”.

Diabetes in the workplace – how do I navigate it? Here’s a little snippet in which I explain how I’ve decided to disclose my diabetes with my coworkers:


One thought on “Disclosing Diabetes in the Workplace

  1. I have come to dread telling people but I do reveal it fairly quickly as it does not bode well to have a reaction while at work and no one knows what is going on. The reason I dread it is the sometimes subtle change in attitude toward me, other times not so subtle. I feel as though they then see me as fragile. “Oh you can’t do that because your a diabetic.” or just not say anything but give me less challenging tasks. No only do I notice but co-workers notice and that leads to resentment. I can do anything (within reason) that a norm (normal non-diabetic person) can do. I may need to bend the rules to eat if I go low but I can work just as hard as the others, sometimes harder. I hate being labeled as a wuss or inferior so this issue gets under my skin very fast and easily. In my current work place everyone knows and quickly realize I am just as capable at keeping up as they can. I’m guessing this also pushes me to be a more fierce competitor in everything, work or play.


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