Undeterred by a Broken Ulna

The morning of Tuesday, January 23rd, I took a bit of a tumble. I fell on some black ice in my driveway and managed to fracture a bone in the process: my ulna, which is the longer and thinner bone located in the forearm. I broke the one located in my dominant arm and have spent the past few days in a brace. I’ll get a real cast put on it early next week.

Please enjoy this gratuitous shot of my arm in a brace, featuring the sleeve of my dinosaur sweatshirt.

I waited a few days before writing a blog post about it for several reasons. For starters, I struggled with teaching myself how to type with limited range of motion in one hand. Actually, I struggled doing most things with just one hand. Brushing my hair, putting clothes on, feeding myself…every mundane task has become a challenge. It’s been especially difficult to accept that I need to allot myself twice the amount of time to do just about anything because I have no choice but to move slowly. I’m an incredibly impatient person, so this has been a hard truth to come to terms with. But I’m getting there.

Taking care of my diabetes is also included on the list of everyday tasks that are now tricky. I dislike having to rely on others for help, but I’ve got to say that changing my pod with one hand is far from easy. It feels like I’d be flirting with disaster if I were to hold a precious vial of insulin in an awkward grip as I made an attempt to fill a syringe, then a pod, with my shaky left hand. Fortunately, my parents are more than willing to help me when I need it – thanks guys – and I’m able to do other things, like check my blood sugar, on my own.

The healing process is expected to be about six weeks, so it won’t be too bad. I’m just going to have to adapt to life with one functioning arm/hand. There’s one thing that’s certain, though: I’m not going to let this stop me from doing anything I want to do! (Within reason, of course. Let’s just say I won’t be taking a boxing class any time soon, even though I’d really like to.) Just like diabetes, a broken bone can’t stop me. I’ve even managed to get 10,000 or more steps each day since the injury happened – including the day of the fracture! I could’ve chosen to pardon myself from exercise and stew over the pain, but I wanted to prove to myself that I’m both physically and mentally stronger than my excuses. After all, the rest of my body is in perfect working order. I’ve just got to keep it that way!


3 thoughts on “Undeterred by a Broken Ulna

  1. OK I just have ask this question, just what kind of cactus are you hugging? lol Oh trust me, I have had so many incidents it isn’t even funny any more. The dislocated shoulder was by far the worst so far as pain even though it was nearly 3 and a half years until it was truly diagnosed. Well I guess it never was because I told them I didn’t know but after thinking about it (had 2 1/2 months to work through that process) I decided which day and what event was it. I can literally say I feel your pain. I have broken a wrist bone (again diagnosed post injury), broken a rib (I think it was actually the second time but was missed the first time), and although unproven (despite $5000 in testing) have broken a foot. The foot really irritates me since one of the two doctors I saw for it said it was a diabetic complication (come on a broken foot?) and I lost my insurance coverage during a 1 year pre-existing condition clause in EMPLOYER”S plan. Never seen one in an employers plan before. Hope thing go well for you. I was surprised at the 6 weeks recovery. I thought most broken bones were a months not weeks issue. It was my left shoulder that was damaged and even though it was my non-dominant arm I was lost to get everyday things done without it. P.S. Get you set of those ice spikes for shoes, soon. lol Get well soon.


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