Diabetes Data Overload

I’ve always been a words girl – never a big fan of numbers. So isn’t my T1D ironic, being that it’s an illness ruled by numbers?

Think about it. PWD have a ridiculous number of…numbers to be concerned about on a daily basis. Between blood sugar checks, insulin dosage calculations, carbohydrate counting, basal rate testing, and more, there’s a lot to take into account.

And as time has gone on and technology has evolved, it seems like these numbers are constantly accessible on an endless volume of devices. I can determine trends using my Dexcom CGM – using either my mobile app or my sparkly pink receiver. I can scroll through my record log of blood sugars on my meter. I can find out how much insulin I took in one day using my OmniPod. I can even download several weeks’ worth of blood sugar graphs from my Dexcom by simply hooking it up to a computer.

It’s information overload.

As much as I love having the ability to access all of this data, it’s also too much to swallow at times. I could drive myself nuts looking through days’ worth of graphs and logs to figure out why I was inexplicably high at 3 o’clock in the morning one day, but I can also just chalk it up to a fluke and better spend my energy worrying about my blood sugar in the present (as opposed to the past).

The point is, it’s exhausting to have my life dictated by all this data. I wish I could take a break from it sometimes, but then again, it’s helped me become more accountable for my own health. And I can still express my hatred for numbers by using my love of words, so it’s not all that bad.


One thought on “Diabetes Data Overload

  1. lol I whole heartedly agree. I’ve started backing up a step. I don’t fuss over a single day of chaos but if it becomes a pattern, then I attack and analyze the daylights out of it. I can never count on having the same day more than once so exercise and sugar intake are never the same. My metabolism is a daily yo-yo of high then low. I sit down in the morning after getting home and it climbs to the back side of the moon. If for some reason (snow storms) I do any strenuous activity I can guarantee a low is soon to follow. My first weekend on the 670G bottomed it out at about 50 something, with auto suspend on. Welcome to my world. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. lol I love the numbers but don’t stress or let them stir me up anymore. They are bound to get out of hand at least once a day if not more often.

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