No More Fingerpricks Campaign

Diabetes Awareness Month may have only started a few days ago, but boy, has it been jam-packed with advocacy and awareness efforts so far! In fact, I think this is the most active year yet for most social media platforms. I’ve seen tons of different campaigns, hashtags, and posts that were all created especially for this month, and it’s absolutely wonderful to see such inspired content as well as high participation rates.

And I hope to keep the ball rolling on this! That’s why I’m sharing my #NoMoreFingerpricks post today. This campaign was launched by Dexcom and Beyond Type 1. Participants are encouraged to take a picture or video wearing the foam finger from Dexcom, or to draw an “X” on an actual finger (if they don’t have a foam finger). For every photo or video posted on Facebook/Instagram with an @Dexcom and #NoMoreFingerpricks, Dexcom will donate $1 to Beyond Type 1.

Here’s my #NoMoreFingerpricks campaign photo! And yes, I deliberately wore blue – the color of diabetes awareness.

Yup, it’s that easy to do! And it’s exactly the kind of social media campaign that can catch on quickly. Recruit your family and friends to take photos and get posting! And be sure to teach them a couple of diabetes facts and what the whole #NoMoreFingerpricks hashtag is all about. For instance, you could mention that:

  • 34% of people with T1D know nothing or little about CGM
  • 80% of people with T1D still prick their fingers more than 3 times a day
  • 96% of CGM users would recommend CGM

You could even direct inquiring minds to visit to learn more about continuous glucose monitoring technology and this campaign.

So…what are you waiting for?! Draw an “X” or grab that foam finger and post your photo to educate, advocate, and celebrate living beyond!


One thought on “No More Fingerpricks Campaign

  1. I loved using CGM while it lasted. The unfortunate issue is cost now. With new insurance it is now too expensive to keep using. I’ve had an issue with not feeling lows until it was too late for years, well decades actually. The CGM helped me relearn the signs and made me aware before it got too bad. I’m much better at it again. But like I said, sadly the new insurance is nice but with 2 deductibles to reach now puts CGM out of my reach. I found out that there is a $500 deductible for prescriptions and a separate $750 deductible for the health insurance. I asked first because I had a sneaking suspicion there would be a issue. I meet the prescription deductible in about 2 weeks. The CGM falls under a different category (durable medical device as are pumps) and so is under the health insurance side with the extra $750 deductible. The cost quoted me for 3 months of sensors was $900+. When do they final get going on universal health care? lol If only. Can’t imagine what it is like for people with $3000 deductibles.


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