For Feet’s Sake!

First and foremost, let me apologize: I’m sorry for all of the cheesy puns that are about to follow.

Now that’s off my chest, let me put my best foot forward and write about feet.

People with diabetes are told to pay extra special attention to their feet. There’s a few things to look out for, such as circulation and nerve issues. So recently, when an old foot injury flared up, I knew trouble was afoot and I better do my best to heel it.

A couple years ago, I broke a very tiny bone (roughly the size of a corn kernel) in my foot called the sesamoid bone. It was classified as a stress fracture, so I wore a bootie and did non-weight-bearing exercises for six weeks while it heeled. I also decided to take a break from high-heel shoes and cushion my sneakers with gel inserts, which wound up being an important step in recovery. Before long, my foot was feelin’ fine and my soul was joyous.

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Fast-forward to the present day, and the injury seemed to be waltzing its way back into my foot. For feet’s sake, I thought it was a thing of the past! Luckily, I’d kept my gel inserts from the first time around and started wearing them again. I didn’t want to toe the line with this foot pain – I addressed it and monitored it closely, and will continue to do so.

For now, my foot is toe-tally better. I’m reminding myself that it’s important to pay attention to my body’s signals and handle them accordingly. Foot health is absolutely not something to mess around with, and like everything else related to diabetes, I’ve got to hop to it and take good care of my feet. Can you digit?


One thought on “For Feet’s Sake!

  1. lol I love humor so I love the puns. Glad your feeling better. Your bent cannula is another reason I am glad to no longer be on a pump. I no longer have those Huh? moments for issues like that. Anyhow back to feet. I got hit hard back in 2014 with a never heard of broken foot issue. I had been living with foot pain for weeks, ok closer to months, I’m a stubborn man. I told my lead at work that I can just see my doctor telling me I broke my foot. Impossible you say? lol I wish it was that simple. I have such a extremely high pain tolerance it is not just possible but also part of my history. The first time I was diagnosed with a broken bone was the first time I met my current GP. I had a swollen hand and went to see him for the first time. I hate to plug my book here but the entire stories to all my issues are in there. After they x-rayed it, he popped his head back into the room and asked if I had ever broken my wrist in the past. No was the answer. He asked me to step out into the hallway where the X-ray was on the viewer. “See that little piece of bone there?” That is actually part of this bone. If anyone asks again if you’ve ever broken your wrist, tell them yes.” Wow. Back to the foot. I called it, as soon as I told him what was wrong he said I had a Lis Franc fracture in my foot. Sadly he also called it a diabetic complication. It was one month before the pre-existing condition clause of my employer’s insurance plan was gone. I ended up stuck with $5,000 in testing bills since he stated that in the report they got. I tried to fight it but got nowhere but angry about it. It never stopped me from working. The orthopedic doc wanted me to stay home for 2 weeks but I let him know that would cost me my job as well as my house since I had no vacation time. He gave me a boot to where when I was home and let me go back to work. I’ve also broken a rib. Twice in my mind actually. At work I fell over a pallet and landed on the pallet behind it. It was hard enough my glasses flipped about 10 feet away. The pain was pretty good for months. I made it to the end of the first week before I sneezed and felt the pop and subsequent pain that dropped me to my knees. I called work and they were not happy but had me go see the doctor, their doctor about 40 miles away. My aunt went with me. It’s very hard to drive with pain like that I have to say. They claimed there was no break but it had sublexated. The cartilage let the rib fold over the attachment point. About 18 month later it happened again same place under the arm. This time I went to see my doctor and sure enough they found a partial fracture on my rib. It felt the same as the other injury so I think Kansas missed it. Anyhow I know the feeling of broken bones. My condolences. lol We are back to get better soon, again. Hope it goes well.


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