The One Good Thing about a CGM Hiatus

All was quiet. A little too quiet…

No beeps. No buzzes. No alarms.

And the silence was refreshing. I didn’t like being without my CGM for a week, but there’s no doubt about the one positive effect that its absence had on me: It gave me a much-needed mental break from an audible aspect of diabetes.

Diabetes can be LOUD sometimes. Especially in hypo repeat mode.

It was a blissful reprieve from my diabetes literally screaming at me like a needy baby. A week-long vacation from my CGM hollering at the top of its lungs “HEY YOUR BLOOD SUGAR IS HIGH DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” or “WAKE UP YOUR BLOOD SUGAR IS LOW YOU BETTER TREAT IT RIGHT NOW.”

It’s rare that I can describe diabetes as peaceful; in this case, it was, and the experience will make me consider putting diabetes on mute a little more often.



One thought on “The One Good Thing about a CGM Hiatus

  1. I’m on more of a financial hiatus from my Dexcom. lol But it is still the same effect. Non buzzes or beeps for low or high. Or dropping too fast. Had the same break when I got off 670G pump. If it gets high or low (spent most of my time on the low list) it doesn’t just beep once when you get there, it beeps every hour on the hour that you are high or low. Not just one alarm but 4 separate need to clear alarms. If it happened while I was sleeping, well so much for sleep. I love these breaks from technology. I’m not sure the Endo will agree on Monday for our appointment. “How can I make the right changes without any data?” Seriously?! Just like you did before Dexcom was around I guess. I still fill out the sheets and bring them with me no matter what.


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