Banana, No Bolus

I ate a banana the other day without needing to correct for it. My blood sugar prior to eating it was 96 mg/dL. I sensed and oncoming low, and trusting this instinct, I decided to skip bolusing (taking insulin) for it. Two hours later, I was 108 mg/dL.

How did I do it?

Did my pancreas suddenly start working again?

Was it a low-carb banana?

Was sorcery involved?

I’ll explain how it happened; no, my pancreas didn’t suddenly decide to start secreting insulin; no, because low-carb bananas aren’t even a thing; and sadly, no, though I do wish I was well-versed in real-life wizardry and/or witchcraft.


It happened because I was running around like a maniac that entire morning. High activity levels can do a number – that is, lower the numbers – on a diabetic’s blood sugar. Between walking my dog, playing with him some more outside, and running errands, I scarcely had a chance to catch my breath from the time I woke up until noon. It was still mildly surprising, though, since bananas are a notoriously high-carb and fast-acting food. I’d expected to be at least 50 points higher from the initial blood sugar.

I was pleased with this outcome, but I still think that the voodoo magic – ahem, science – behind diabetes is just plain weird sometimes.



One thought on “Banana, No Bolus

  1. I have to agree with you there. My sugar will drop if I even start to think about exercise. I’ve had mine drop 130 points in 1 hour from the intensity of my work ethic. It was at work that it happened. I’m not scared to put my back into anything which is why I have issues with crashing blood sugars. If it needs to be done and no one else is stepping I will happily step into those shoes and do it. Today was my last day at Landolls. Until just a few weeks ago my job had me lifting by hand metal pieces of around 100 to 200 pounds and although many are smaller, if you add it up I was moving north of 2 tons of metal a night. Lack of exercise does not list me under its frequent visitors. lol The food is a mystery of its own creation. Simple carbs, complex carbs, fats, and proteins make any food a mine field of obstacles. Even if I make it myself, did I add the exact amount of ingredients? Do I have the same proportion? It is a guess. An educated guess mind you but still a guess. I’m not so hard core with carb counting that I carry a measuring cup in my wallet.


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