Fantastic News! Dexcom G6 is Approved by the FDA

The official announcement has appeared across all sorts of social media in the last 48 hours, but I thought I’d say something about it here, too…

The FDA approved the Dexcom G6, the new and improved version of their Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) system!

This is particularly exciting, because the G6 comes with many new and exciting features:

  • 10-day wear (as opposed to seven days)
  • Slimmer and smaller sensor
  • Easy-to-use inserter
  • Zero calibrations necessary – the system does not require manual blood sugar inputs

Visit the Dexcom website to read about all of the details. And as more information comes out about its availability, stay tuned…

…because you may recognize a familiar name and face along the way!


2 thoughts on “Fantastic News! Dexcom G6 is Approved by the FDA

  1. I thought about it some more and now comes the larger issue for me. Can I convince the insurance company that they should pay for it. Anymore that is the issue with all new tech, getting it approved for your own use. Well that and the new tech not actually working for you (pump). P.S. People also need to remember that these devices do not read blood sugar. They read interstitial fluid. lol Actually won, well she agreed to let me do it, an argument about where to test my blood sugar with the pump. They want you to check on your fingers which is the fastest place to respond to changes in blood sugar with such high blood flow (more nerves and more pain). I have been testing on my forearm (fewer nerves so less pain) for many years now. The lower blood flow there leads to those numbers being slower to respond to changes, up or down. Since the sensors read interstitial fluid which is roughly 20 minutes (I’ve timed it) behind the 8ball and the forearm is closer to that time frame. Wouldn’t that mean the forearm is closer to the true value for my sensor? To me, it made clear logical sense that it would. Took some convincing to get her on board. The result? Meter read within 5 to 20 points of what test showed consistently. Sometimes logical common sense thought is lost when you get a college education.


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