The Week of Never-Ending Lows

A couple weeks ago, I was convinced that I was going to go insane.

That’s because my graphs looked a lot like this for several days in a row:


All those red circles represent low blood sugars. The first day it happened, it was annoying. The second day, it evolved into concerning. Seven long days later, I was feeling incredibly burnt out as the low streak finally came to an end.

I have NO idea what triggered these lows. My activity levels were practically non-existent and I cut back on my insulin intake as it grew more apparent that this situation was sticking around for a bit. Besides standard stress levels, I wasn’t experiencing any crazy emotional swings that could cause wacky numbers. It was that certain, ahem, time of the month – but that happens every month, and I’ve never had a series of low blood sugars as a result of it. So what gives?

My honest assessment: Diabetes is unpredictable. You think you know it so well. You think you can have a handle on it when it decides to give you a big, old middle finger, as if to say, “Joke’s on you!!!”

And that’s beyond exhausting. The physical and mental toll that a week of low blood sugars had on me is indescribable, and it made me reluctant to even talk about the experience – because enduring it was enough, why the hell should I bother writing about it?

I write about it because I want it as evidence so I can remember that I can overcome any diabetes obstacle. I write about it because I want others to know that even though I seem okay on the surface at a given time, I actually might not be due to my diabetes. I write about it because I hope that another PWD can read it and say, “Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like!” or “I can relate.”

I write about it to feel less alone, and make other people affected by T1D feel less alone.


One thought on “The Week of Never-Ending Lows

  1. It sounds mean but I am glad to know there are others out there who go through this crazy thing also. I have lows every morning (work nights) that start happening around 1am. They drop nto like a rock but fast enough to cause heart palpitations for those of us who see them very often. The issue I’ve run into most often is the “why are you correcting that? it’s not low yet.” comment from my doctors. Yes 80s and even 90 are not low but if I continue to drop at this rate for another 30 minutes it will be. Just last night I ate 2 Reese’s Peanut butter cups at about 5 am when it was still 131. No insulin, just the carbs. Sugar spiked to a massive 175 and then resumed its decent into diabetic hell. That is my trouble. it is so regular is not crazy or strange, it is my normal pattern. Want to hear the odd part? At night I take only 8 units of Novolin compared to the 16 during the day when I sleep. I continuously tell the medical staff that work with me I am not normal and after a few months or years they finally catch on. Hang in there. I hope your normal returns soon. It sound like the lows aren’t part of your normal day so I hope it gets better soon

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