Diabetes, The Great Interruptor

I sat down to write a blog post and didn’t make it past the first sentence when I heard a loud beep emitting from the pod I was wearing on my leg.

The beep was signaling to me that it was time to change my pod. And because I wore it for a full 80 hours, it couldn’t wait even 15 minutes – it had to be done immediately.

That little interruption got me thinking about how diabetes it the greatest interruptor that I know.

Diabetes makes my 10-month-old Sheltie seem like she’s got the patience of a saint.

Let me name just a few of the ways diabetes interrupts me on practically a daily basis:

  • When I’m exercising and I have to stop because I have a low blood sugar
  • When I’m in a work meeting and a high blood sugar gives me brain fog that prevents me from making any meaningful contributions
  • When I’m sleeping and a high or low alarm goes off
  • When I’m trying to cook dinner and diabetes refuses to wait any longer for food and makes my blood sugar go low, causing me to have to eat a snack before eating a full meal which is totally counterintuitive
  • When I’m in the middle of work, a conversation, or any ordinary task and my devices beep incessantly, not caring that they’re being obnoxious

These are just some of the scenarios I can think of in which diabetes is unrelenting in its immediate demands. It’s like taking care of an extremely fussy baby that doesn’t ever get any older. It’s exhausting.

Diabetes is truly the great interruptor, one that people like me living with it have learned to cope with…which definitely makes us some form of superhero, IMHO.


2 thoughts on “Diabetes, The Great Interruptor

  1. I told her it sounded like a personal problem and sent her to see the Chaplin. Don’t worry some of your older reasons will know where the line comes from.

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