Metformin Update #2: Reintroducing Myself to the Big White Pill

It’s been a minute since I wrote about my Metformin journey on the blog. The last time I posted about it, I had made the decision to stop taking it after experiencing a scary low blood sugar. That, coupled with the fact that I just didn’t feel ready to be experimenting so much with my diabetes medication, convinced me that the timing wasn’t right for me and Metformin.

Fast-forward to May 30, 2019. I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. It was a productive one, because we addressed a number of my concerns that have cropped up in the last three months. One question I had for her was whether she thought I should give Metformin another shot.

Really though, why do these darn pills have to be so large?

She thought that I should. We went over the benefits: it’d make my insulin more effective, thereby fighting back against my current insulin resistance and reducing my total daily intake. With less artificially-made insulin in my system, I may be reducing my risk for cancer (according to studies she’s read), and I may also shed a few of the pounds that I’ve been struggling to lose.

By the time of this appointment, I was feeling frustrated with the amounts of insulin I was using each day. Ever since I got off my parents’ health insurance plan, I’ve been super conscious about my supply of insulin as I try to figure out how I’ll afford it under my new plan. And it hasn’t been easy. So in an effort to reduce my overall insulin use, I decided it was time to give Metformin another go.

I’m more cautious this time around. My doctor and I talked about my fears and she helped me come up with a plan to reintroduce it to my diabetes care and management routine. I’m starting to take less insulin at dinnertime and I’m running a temp basal overnight to see how my blood sugars fare. We’re playing it safe by somewhat dramatically reducing my dinnertime insulin-to-carb ratio, but I’d much rather do that than be overly aggressive.

It’s only been about a week since I’ve started the new regimen. That’s not enough time for me to attest to whether or not I’ve adjusted to it, because I deliberately skipped taking Metformin on a couple nights in which I knew I’d be imbibing alcohol…again, it’s all about being smart and not introducing too many variables at once. We’ll see how it goes. Until Metformin update #3, that’s all I’ve got for now.


5 thoughts on “Metformin Update #2: Reintroducing Myself to the Big White Pill

  1. You learn something new every day. I did not know you were type 2 before becoming type 1. My fix for insulin resistance has always been resistance weight training. It has always worked for me. Back in my hey day of lifting, if I stopped for more than one week I started to see my sugar jump around. One of the benefits I really like is its affect on my metabolism. Aerobic exercise increase the metabolism quite a bit but it doe not stay there for long coming back down in hours. Resistance weight training pumps it up but as high. The real benefit is from how the body responds to weight lifting. The body breaks down the damaged muscles and rebuilds them bigger and stronger. Since the body is not just sitting at idle so to speak the metabolism remains above base its base level for 48 to 72 hours. I don’t know if you have any resistance weight training in your routines but it may be worth looking into. lol You don’t have to hulk out to get the benefits. Lighter weights with higher reps helps as well.


    • Hi there…I am not a type 2 diabetic, I have always had type 1 diabetes. People with T1D can also be prescribed Metformin, though I am not sure how common it is.


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