Memory Monday: The First Time I Tried Sugar-Free Chocolate from Yummies

Memory Monday is following a slightly different format from here on out! One Monday per month, I’ll take a trip down memory lane and reflect on how much my diabetes thoughts, feelings, and experiences have unfolded over the years. Today, I remember…

…the first time that I tried sugar-free chocolate. Not just any sugar-free chocolate, though: It was from Yummies, a massive candy emporium in Southern Maine. The store is lined, floor to ceiling, with bags upon bags of candy. You can bulk buy your favorites to your heart’s content as well as discover weird, relatively unknown confectionery creations. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s basically a saccharine paradise.

When I was younger, I watched a lot of Phantom Gourmet – partly because it was always on the TV in my Grammy’s nursing home when we visited her each Saturday afternoon, and partly because I was a growing foodie who loved learning about local hot spot eateries. At around nine years old, an episode that featured Yummies aired on TV, and I discovered that they had an entire case devoted to sugar-free chocolates in their store. I knew I had to go check it out; fortunately, my parents were willing to take me there next time we trekked up to Maine.

Yummies, also known as candy lover’s paradise.

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into that store. My jaw dropped as I laid eyes on the 10,000 pounds of candy they had on display. As I wove through the rainbow-hued aisles, I could practically feel my blood sugar spiking. But I was on a mission to find the sugar-free section that looked so delectable on television that I could practically taste it.

I heard angels sing hallelujah when I laid eyes on the aforementioned case of chocolates. There were so many choices! And all of them were made in the store, guaranteeing higher quality! It was a T1D chocolate lover’s paradise: There were fudge meltaways, peanut butter cups, almond bark, coconut clusters, sea salt caramels, chocolate peanuts, malted milk balls, peppermint patties, and even more beyond that. I remember marveling at the variety for a solid five minutes before I was told by my father to hurry up and make my selections. I don’t remember exactly what I chose, but it definitely included the meltaways and peanut butter cups. Once they were paid for and I was back in the car with my chocolate treasures, I took my first bite and could scarcely believe it was sugar free candy – that’s how awesome it tasted.

Every summer since then, I’ve made an annual visit to Yummies to pick up my tasty sugar-free chocolates. It brings back memories of being a little kid stepping into that store for the first time, memories that are almost as sweet as the candy inside.


One thought on “Memory Monday: The First Time I Tried Sugar-Free Chocolate from Yummies

  1. Cool story. I remember those days of doing sugar free when I first became diabetic. My time line is only 20 years older than your though. lol Mom bought me some sugar free candies at the store since I loved lollipops and other sugary foods back in those days. It was also the last time. I did not like them at all. Looking back now I can see that just one or two of those sugar laden candies was not as bad as I thought back then. I’ve looked at the info on packages and found most are only about 3 grams per candy. Hersey’s Kisses are about 3 grams a kiss. Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, which were and are my favorites, are only about 7 grams per cookie. You have to look close at those labels as they are not so simple at times to debug. The label on the cookies says 22 grams per serving. A serving however is not just one cookie, it’s 3 cookies. So doing some reverse engineering math you get just over 7 grams per cookie. Now I know. Some times I’ll eat just one, maybe two, or on a wild day all three for a full serving. lol The other side of this conversation are low fixing tabs and pastes. I kept getting told by EMTs “I know it tastes bad but you need it.” Really? Have you ever even tried this stuff? I think because its so sweet they try to favor it with sour tastes. It does not work. The paste I was given a long time ago didn’t have any “taste” at all, yes EMT delivered. I much prefer a batch of Chips Ahoy cookies or Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (11 grams a cup by the way, 2 cups are 22 grams and the 3 cup large packs are 33 grams) to fix a low. The Reese’s are better in my book as they last longer, thank you Dexcom. I try and do my own research on these things since I apparently don’t react “normally” to insulin or treatments.


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