My One-Month Dexcom G6 Review

My first month on the Dexcom G6 went by so quickly. The G6 entered my life during a particular hectic period: between a trip to Vegas, my 25th birthday, family gatherings, and work obligations, May was marked by constant activities…which made me that much more grateful to have my G6.

Before I continue with this review, I’d like to note how I got priority access to the G6. Approximately one year ago, I applied on Dexcom’s website to be a “Dexcom Warrior”. Basically, this just means that I filled out a form with my information and some background on my diabetes story. I didn’t expect anything to come of this; if anything, maybe I’d be contacted for someone to write a bio piece about me.

Fast-forward to January 2018: I receive an email informing me that I’ve been selected to participate in a Dexcom marketing campaign. There weren’t too many details other than that a shoot was taking place over two days in Atlanta, Georgia in February and that Dexcom would pay for my flight and hotel if I gave them my time that weekend. I was thrilled to receive the offer and gladly accepted. And I’m grateful I got to have such a unique, fun experience.

I didn’t learn until several weeks later that my participation in the marketing campaign would allow me to receive early access to the G6. In other words, I was going to be one of the first in the world to try this technology. My head is still spinning from that fact, and it’s not something that I take lightly. I understand that I’m fortunate to have access to it, and in return for this special privilege, I am putting as much truth and transparency as possible into my reviews of it.

Onto my one-month evaluation…new observations include:

  • The whole 10-day automatic shutoff thing bothers me a little more than it did in the beginning. There’s no workaround, so I’ve got to know exactly when my sensor is going to expire so I can have a fresh one on hand. This can be irritating, especially when *life happens* and I forget about changing my sensor.
  • The adhesive seems to be one thing that has made zero improvement (but it’s not like it’s gotten worse, it’s the same). I think the surface area of it is a little smaller? But it’s held up fairly well for me for the full 10 days. I’ve only had to use OpSite FlexFix tape on it once, and that was on the ninth day.
  • I am LOVING not having to calibrate the receiver after the two-hour warmup period. My blood sugars automatically start getting recognized by the receiver after the two hours have elapsed, and it’s awesome.
A view of the G6 mobile app.
  • I’m still experiencing an utterly painless application. I’ve yet to try a site other than my abdomen, though. I don’t think a different site will hurt more, though I’m curious to see if readings are less accurate.
  • Speaking of readings, I’d say that they’re within the ~15 point range compared to the blood sugars my meter reports. Not bad at all.
  • The battery on the receiver is kind of weak. I have to charge it at least twice per week, which is slightly annoying. But I also have the G6 app downloaded on my phone, so it’s not a huge deal if the battery on my receiver depletes completely.
  • The G6 app works well. Aesthetically speaking, it’s clean and modern looking, and very easy to read. It works better for me than the G5 app did, but I had a myriad of issues going on with it that affected my user experience.

I’m pretty satisfied with my G6 experience so far. I’m hopeful for the future – perhaps it’ll be possible to extend a sensor’s lifespan or easily recycle the chunky plastic applicators.

But I’m interested in questions you might have – are you still wondering about something regarding the G6 that I haven’t addressed? Please let me know. I’d be happy to provide insight.


18 thoughts on “My One-Month Dexcom G6 Review

  1. Do they pay you for doing blogs about them? lol Sorry I had to say that. I am kind of looking forward to maybe upgrading to the G6 later. That written in stone 10 day limit though is a hard pill to swallow. I think they learned that people (like me) were reusing them and it cut into profits so changes had to made. Sorry but after my encounter with Medtronic, I have a less the favorable view toward big pharma companies. Some aren’t that bad but others are.


  2. Can you post a picture of the insertion post removal or the length ? I cant get an answer (even from the dexcom rep)


    • Hi Brittany – Are you referring to the length of the needle that sits under the skin? If so, I’m happy to take a picture next time I change the site! I would say the length is comparable to that of the G5, but I’ll confirm that in a few days. 🙂


      • Yes under the skin. I’m on the too thin side, and if it is truly 2in there is no way I will be able to tolerate. I dont want to spend money to order to be unable to use it.


    • Hi Rachael – While I can’t make any guarantees, the G6 is much less painful compared to older Dexcom sensors. It’s also not as scary to insert G6 sensors because you can’t see the needle. I’ve seen some very small children wearing the device successfully, so in my opinion, I think it would work just fine for your daughter! Double check with her endo if you’re still on the fence. Wishing you luck!


  3. Accuracy of the G6 is not very good. I have experienced readings off by 40% of my BGM readings. Rarely within 10%. So finger sticks do not drop off then using the G6. Its called advertising for a reason.


    • Hi Cheryl! I have a few recommendations for you. I’ve had great experience using Pump Peelz Dexcom adhesives, called Patch Peelz. If you need something stronger, try SkinTac (you can buy wipes or liquid on Amazon). I’ve also had success using Smith & Nephew Skin Prep wipes (also available on Amazon), but I mainly use those for my pods. Hope you find something that works well for you!


  4. I don’t have issues with the Dexcom G6 as much as I do with the company. Try reordering only to sit on the phone for 20 minute delay, then after 20 minutes you are told to expect a 20 minute delay. We have been trying to order for a week so back to finger pricks. I agree with the other guy about having a window to replace after 10 days is not always ideal. We also can’t do automatic refills due to Medicare, at least that is what we told. Not really a happy customer at this time.

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  5. Disappointed. Software doesn’t work on my phone, and unlike the G4, must punch #1, then #2, then OK to find out what my alert is trying to tell me. Especially frustrating with a touchscreen that often does not register. Absurd. Have ordered a belt clip for my receiver, which used to be included, but must wait until June as its not considered essential. Type I for 45 years and one of the original CGM users. I have to say that few of the bells and whistles on this device are improvements over the old model.


    • I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t liked the G6, Dan. Every diabetes product has its appeals and drawbacks. Sounds like you’ve had a frustrating experience…hopefully, Dexcom will continue to innovate in the near future.


  6. […] My One-Month Dexcom G6 Review – People seem to dig reviews (I know I love reading product reviews online), so it’s pretty obvious why this comes in third place. Plus, I wrote it early on in the release of the Dexcom G6: Due to my participation in the advertising campaigns, I was lucky enough to be among the first individuals in the country to start using the G6. […]


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