Favorite Things Friday: Diabetes…Socks…?

One Friday per month, I’ll write about my favorite diabetes products. These items make the cut because they’re functional, fashionable, or fun – but usually, all three at once!

I can’t believe I’m about to admit this on my blog, but…

Diabetes socks are a THING and they’re amazing.

If only “diabetes socks” could be as cute as these mermaid and unicorn socks.

I don’t remember when I first tried a pair. My aunt may have recommended them to my mom or to me, and even though we laughed them off at first, we decided to buy a couple at a local pharmacy.

And we were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they felt. Socks that are marketed as “diabetes socks” are made without elastics to be as non-binding to the foot as possible. This special design is intended to increase blood circulation and alleviate pressure in the foot. I can’t say for certain whether they actually accomplish those goals, but they are like clouds for my feet.

Even if they are ugly.


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