Diabetes Products That Should Exist

Every now and then, I’ll think longingly about the diabetes products that should exist, but either don’t because nobody’s thought of them yet, or because I’m the only one who thinks they might be a good idea. Here’s my running list of diabetes products that I wish existed – what would your list look like?

  • A snack that keeps your blood sugar totally level while working out. No, not a low carb snack per se, but something that releases a small amount of carbohydrates into the system just as you need them. So it’s kind of a magic snack in that it predicts where your blood glucose is headed? In any case, I wish this was around because going low in the middle of a workout sucks, and I hate having to stop my activity to go drink a juice box or eat glucose tablets.
  • A portable sanitary station for changing insulin pump sites. This would look either like a small, collapsible table or a tray. But it would be a super clean and secure surface on which insulin pump sites could be changed, because I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather that than a dirty public bathroom sink.
  • Painless injections/cannulas/sensors. Yeah, I know that these things all need to puncture the surface of my skin in order to get insulin into my system or glucose readings, but I wouldn’t mind them so much if they didn’t sting. Don’t get me wrong, not all shots or needle pricks are painful – I’d estimate they only hurt 10% of the time. But that’s still too much.
  • A smaller, less invasive pod design. This one’s another practicality issue. I get that pods are kind of bulky because they’re supposed to be able to hold a three-day supply of insulin. And I wouldn’t trade the tubeless system for anything (except a cure, obviously). However, it would be awesome to wear a pump that’s tube-free and doesn’t create awkward bulges underneath my clothing.
  • A pump that needs to be changed once a month rather than once every three days. Hell, I’d take one that needs to be changed once a week, because rotating sites multiple times throughout the week can be inconvenient and exhausting. Again, there’s some logistical issues with this one – we rotate sites often to prevent scar tissue buildup and there’s a limited amount of insulin that one pump can accommodate. But this is wishful thinking, people! The sky’s the limit. And on that note, the last thing I wish existed?

A damn cure.

Hey, it’s me as a kiddo! It’d be nice if that little girl grew up knowing a cure for diabetes existed.

3 thoughts on “Diabetes Products That Should Exist

  1. I wish for all of these too! Except the portable site changing “thing”. This I already have 🙂 I bought a clear container with a lid from Target and keep all of my supplies in it. The container fits perfectly in a backpack and I can just take the entire thing with me when I go places further away (holds at least 3 months of stuff). I also have a small one that hold just a few things of each pump accessory. I’m having a hard time explaining what I bought 🙂 it’s just a clear container and the lid has little flaps that ensure it stays shut. Try it out 🙂


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