Oops! My CGM Did it Again

Oh baby, baby
Oops, my CGM did it again
It played with my BG, got lost in the graph
Oh baby, baby
Oops, my CGM thinks it’s right
That it’s control is tight
I’m not that gullibleeeeeeeeeee…

Ahem, oh! Excuse me for changing the words to Oops! I Did It Again, a real Britney Spears banger that I listened to over and over again in my younger years. But it just seemed appropriate because it describes the exact kind of betrayal I got from my CGM – at the tail-end of a very long day in the car, no less.

Oops! My Cgm did it again


One thought on “Oops! My CGM Did it Again

  1. Got into an argument with a guy on twitter last year about CGM and A1Cs. He said A1C is not a true average of blood sugars and that it needs to be moved to CGM data to provide accurate averages. I see his point but it does not change the fact that neither is actually that accurate as far getting averages. Why? A1C is testing how much acid is in the blood due to access sugar binding with hemoglobin. It may be close but many things can alter that reading. The same however can be said for CGM as it does not even read blood sugar but inter tissue fluid I look at it as a stepping stone kind of reading. Sugar goes form your food into your blood. From your blood it leaches into the fluid in between your skin and muscles. My experiments with it showed about 20 to 30 minutes of lag from eating to it starting to show on the Dexcom. I do not see that as very accurate. By all means it helps people like me keep a tighter reign on sugar levels but as far as an average generator it is still lacking. Which one is more accurate? I do not know but it would be interesting to find out. lol I stopped responding to his tweets when he tried to tell me that the inter tissue fluid is how sugar gets to the muscles anyway so it is much better. lol If that was true why do we have a blood circulation at all. Inter tissue fluid is not pumped around the body like the blood. He had me until then. lol


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