Diabetes Knows

Diabetes knows.

Diabetes knows me better than anyone or anything on this planet.

Diabetes knows how to push all of my buttons.

Diabetes knows how to make me question all of my choices.

Diabetes knows how to make me crumble in stressful situations.

Diabetes knows that I have anxiety – it’s probably the cause of it – and takes full advantage of that knowledge by attacking me when I’m vulnerable.

Diabetes knows that it gets in the way when I’m trying to do the things that I want to do…and it doesn’t care.

Diabetes knows that I don’t handle it well when it decides to rebel against my insulin, my diet, my exercise, and all of my efforts to appease it.

Diabetes knows that I’m tired of it.

There’s a lot that diabetes knows.

But diabetes also knows that I’m not quitting.

Diabetes knows that it won’t break my spirits.

Diabetes knows that even on my worst days with it, I’ll always bounce back and recover.

Diabetes knows that I’m stronger than it.

Diabetes knows that I will never be afraid to tell it who’s the boss, that ultimately, I control my body. Not it.

Diabetes knows I’m always here to remind it of that fact.

Diabetes knows.



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