College Diabetes Week Day 2: The Impact of CDN

The next prompt for College Diabetes Week 2017 is:

Share the impact that being involved with CDN has had on you!

This is my second time around responding to the College Diabetes Week blog prompts, but this doesn’t mean that I’m answering them in the exact same way. For instance, last year I wrote about how grateful I amΒ for the friendships and connections I’ve made because of CDN, and how my involvement with CDN was my first true leadership opportunity.

A college-aged Molly at a tabling event for the UMass Amherst Chapter of the CDN!

But this year I want to talk about how CDN has influenced my perception of persistence. We all know the phrase “persistence pays off”, but it never really registered with me until I got involved with CDN. I experienced firsthand how important it is to advocate for yourself and what you believe in when I was trying to get my Chapter registered at UMass Amherst. It was a major challenge, but I persevered despite of the obstacles I faced because I wanted to accomplish my goal. And I did.

As a result, I make an effort to give 100% of myself when I get involved in new projects. I find something that I’m passionate about and don’t give in until I see it come to fruition. This blog, for example, wouldn’t have happened unless I persisted to take risks.

CDN’s impact on me has been profound, and I look forward to see how it positively affects the lives of many other T1Ds for years to come!


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