Vlog #4: My Diabetes Isn’t Glamorous

In Vlog #4, I talk about how I feel when I see diabetes “glamorized” across various social media platforms. This is not intended to criticize any individuals or groups; rather, I want this to start a dialogue about how life with diabetes is commonly portrayed to the rest of the world. Watch the video and leave a comment to let me know what you think!


Instagram vs. Reality

What does Instagram vs. reality mean?

It’s best explained using pictures. Take the following, for instance:

The first image is basically the ideal Dexcom graph. It depicts steady, on-target blood sugars for hours.

It makes the image next to it look that much uglier. The second picture shows blood sugar that rose rapidly over a short amount of time and flattened out at a level so high that it exceeds the Dexcom maximum number.

Instagram: The social networking site that promotes flawlessness. You scroll through a feed and see images that convey society’s notions around perfection. And it’s annoying. The rational part of you knows that, surely, the stunning blonde swimsuit model on your feed probably has cellulite, only you never see it because it’s airbrushed and filtered away. That’s why it’s equally unrealistic to share nothing but the “perfect” blood sugars with the diabetes community. Diabetes is FAR from being sunshine-y and unicorn-y all the time.

The reality: Diabetes is up-and-down, mentally and physically. It’s not always going to behave the way you want it to, even if you’re doing all the right things and trying your best. That’s why I like sharing the good and the bad – it makes the victories that much sweeter, and the less-than-triumphant moments more educational.